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Our CEO has 20+ years of internet investing experience, navigating through a myriad of financial crises and market cycles.

Our people offer significant individual accountability and alignment with client interests.

Careers - Technology

We are always looking for talented software engineers, programmers and developers. To learn more and become part of the team, reach out to us.

Careers - Finance

We currently have a job opening for a chief financial officer. Candidates with significant experience should contact us.

Careers - Business Development

We have sales positions open up and down the ladder. Hungry, motivated and experienced individuals should contact us.

SiteMatrix is an opportunistic private equity fund

Investor Relations

We seek to achieve superior returns through fundamental analysis and selection which emphasizes capital preservation by focusing on cash-flow generating assets.

Alternative Investments

Traditionally, investors would purchase stocks or bonds with the expectation of a rise in value. Traditional asset managers would be evaluated on the relative performance of the portfolios. For example, they would be judged on the performance of the portfolio as compared to the S&P 500 index. Thus, a manager who outperformed the index but still lost money, would look like a hero.

With alternative investments, managers attempt to generate an absolute return, independent of the direction of any market or index. It’s the profit and the returns that matter.

The SiteMatrix funds focus on a small number of investment strategies, primarily private equity investments involving machine learning, domain name intelligence, cybersecurity offerings, and other forms of web properties.

Investment Strategies

SiteMatrix invests in markets where it can sustain a competitive advantage. We seek opportunities where we can leverage data and business intelligence to achieve this goal.


We leverage technology to identify, select, prioritize, classify and track the performance of assets.

We automate where we can but put tremendous value in the human element. We feel its best to utilize technology to make the analyzation more efficient and accurate and leave the bulk of the decisions resting upon the shoulders of trained and experienced employees.


The promotion of private equity funds is restricted in some jurisdictions.

In the United Kingdom, this is dependent on the net worth and level of investment experience the individual or company has. Investors in the United States must meet the criteria to be accredited and qualified investors. If you are interested in receiving information about our funds, please send an email to the address below. Upon receipt, we will send you a short questionnaire to enable us to assess whether we are permitted to provide you with further information.

[email protected]

Thank you for your interest in SiteMatrix.

Our people, our methods and our technology are our competitive advantage.

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